For resumé and references, request though email.

Send me a description of your writing project (or sample in word doc or pdf), what kind of help you are looking for (help with grammar, typos, structure, syntax, formatting…overall critique), and I will reply with a free estimate. I’m also available for online tutoring.

Here’s a list of my editing skills:

  • Proofreading for grammatical errors, spelling, typos, formatting…
  • Copy editing to develop the overall quality of the composition without changing content.
  • Formatting
  • Formal critique

Here’s an incomplete list of editing jobs I could help you with:

  • Classroom materials: syllabus, calendar, handouts, research, power points, presentations, lectures, notes…
  • Scholarly papers, proofreading/copy editing, in several different fields.
  • Research, any topic: in-depth or brief.
  • Proposals, applications, submissions…
  • Book manuscript.
  • Newspaper and magazine articles.
  • Newsletters.
  • Podcasts.
  • Videos, (textual content).
  • Blog writing.
  • Website (textual content).
  • Correspondence.
  • Online tutoring.
  • Any genre: technical, essay, formal paper, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, poetry, business, personal…
  • Illustrated texts.

See > RATES . 


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